Fic: Dear Friend (1/?)

Title: Dear Friend (1/?)
Author: JustWriter2
Summary/Teaser: In a tale as old as inked parcels, Buffy writes to a normal penpal she falls for. Except, he's not normal and she hates him; right?
Era/Season/Setting: late 1990s, early 2000s / ~ Seasons 2 -> 5 / Sunnydale, California
Warnings: referenced Spike/other and Buffy/other to begin with (tamer than the show)
AN: Today is my birthday. I welcome constructive criticism from all of you. This banner was made by the wonderful teragramm.
Rating: PG Collapse )

Fic: Dear Friend (2/?)

Willet Quiz

Well, I'm not quite as obsessive with it as the results claim but I do like the fandom. "Team Future: How It All Began," is one of the best, however, sorry Arti but it's certainly not the best. I like someone's oneshot better.
JustWriter's Result: You love it!
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